Become Price Competitive with Large NVOCCs

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) – May 29, 2013

IMPEX Logistics, an international logistics consulting company, is hosting a webinar exclusively for small and medium size NVOCC’s on Wednesday, June 5th at 1:00 p.m. ET, titled: “Become Price Competitive with Large NVOCC’s.” The Webinar is free and will provide details of IMPEX’s recently launched ocean transportation purchasing cooperative for small and medium size NVOCC’s.

“Over the past 15 years, IMPEX Logistics, as manager of the United Shippers Alliance, has helped more than 150 shippers across the country achieve competitive ocean and LTL transportation rates,” said Randy Smith, President of IMPEX Logistics. “We are now excited to extend our knowledge and expertise by launching a new ocean transportation purchasing cooperative focused on helping small and medium size NVOCC’s to be more price competitive with larger NVOCC’s.”

What will be presented at the NVOCC Webinar?

The Webinar will provide executives at small-to-medium size NVOCC’s with:
(1)    An overview of IMPEX Logistics and its role in founding and managing the United Shippers Alliance, one of the largest and most successful shipper’s associations in the United States,
(2)    A detailed look at the approach, process and benefits of IMPEX’s newly formed ocean transportation purchasing cooperative for small and mid-sized NVOCC’s,
(3)    A review of the commercial framework for the IMPEX NVOCC purchasing cooperative, including IMPEX’s obligations, member-NVOCC’s obligations and general pricing structure.

Carrier’s that are finding it increasingly difficult to be price competitive with larger NVOCC’s should not miss this webinar and associated opportunity.

About IMPEX Logistics, Inc.

In 1996, IMPEX founded the United Shippers’ Alliance (“USA”), one of the most active Shippers Associations in the nation with over 150 shipper-members. IMPEX Logistics has recently established an ocean transportation purchasing cooperative for small-to-medium size NVOCC’s to allow them to more effectively compete with the larger NVOCC’s. IMPEX will use the purchasing leverage from its USA shipper-members to negotiate market competitive LTL and ocean transportation rates for its NVOCC members. IMPEX uses the following attributes to negotiate optimal transportation contracts for its members:

  • Negotiation leverage from over $50 million in member transportation contracts.
  • Strategic relationships with leading LTL and ocean carriers.
  • Decades of transportation industry experience and knowledge.
  • Leaving operational carrier management, communications and control with the NVOCC.




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