Ocean Transportation Purchasing Cooperative Launched for Small and Medium-Size NVOCC’s

More than 40 NVOCCs registered for IMPEX Logistics’ sponsored NVOCC Ocean Transportation Purchasing Cooperative webinar and initial members secured.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

IMPEX Logistics, an international logistics consulting company, has successfully launched an Ocean Transportation Purchasing Cooperative for small and medium-size NVOCC’s and has secured its inaugural member. The sole purpose of the IMPEX-managed cooperative is to secure lower rates for small and medium-size NVOCC’s, so they can more effectively compete with larger NVOCC’s.

“We had more than 40 NVOCC’s register for our recent webinar announcing the IMPEX NVOCC Purchasing Cooperative,” said Randy Smith, President of IMPEX Logistics. “We were thrilled with this initial response from the NVOCC community, which validates our belief that small and medium-size NVOCC’s are desperate to find ways to become more price-competitive with their larger counterparts.”

Cargo Transport Systems, a NVOCC and freight forwarder, was the first member to join the IMPEX’s NVOCC Ocean Transportation Purchasing Cooperative.

“While we are more nimble and service-oriented than our larger NVOCC counterparts, our customers need the competitive pricing provided by IMPEX,” said Matthew Mirizzi, President, Cargo Transport. “When we heard that IMPEX was putting together a cooperative of small and medium-size NVOCC’s to aggregate volumes across its members and secure more competitive ocean transportation rates, we knew immediately this would be a critical strategic partnership for us.”

To learn more about the IMPEX NVOCC Ocean Transportation Purchase Cooperative and watch the recent webinar, please visit: https://impexlogisticsinc.com/webinar-video-become-price-competitive-with-large-nvoccs/.

About IMPEX Logistics, Inc.

In 1994, IMPEX founded the United Shippers’ Alliance (“USA”), one of the most active Shippers Associations in the nation with over 150 shipper-members. IMPEX Logistics recently established an ocean transportation purchasing cooperative for small-to-medium size NVOCC’s to allow them to more effectively compete with the larger NVOCCs. IMPEX will use the purchasing leverage from its USA shipper-members to negotiate market competitive LTL and ocean transportation rates for its NVOCC members. IMPEX uses the following attributes to negotiate optimal transportation contracts for its members:

  • Negotiation leverage from over $50 million in member transportation contracts
  • Strategic relationships with leading LTL and ocean carriers
  • Decades of transportation industry experience and knowledge
  • Leaving operational carrier management, communications and control with the NVOCC

About Cargo Transport Systems

Cargo Transport System (CTS) is a Montreal based international freight forwarder, NVOCC, and logistics provider serving a wide range of customers. Utilizing a strategically located network of global business providers, CTS successfully integrates exceptional customer service with the knowledge and expertise required to move goods across borders accurately, on time and cost competitive.

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